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Microsoft Hacked!!

Its now 3 days, an official sum domain of Microsoft,Microsoft FUSE Labs(fuse.microsoft.com), has been hacked, till last hour i could see the hacked page, but now if you open that hacked page then it will redirect you to another subdomain of microsoft.
 On the defused page it was written that its hacked by someone called Hmei7, with a taunt, which you can see by urself, here is the screenshot.

Although its not the first time when 'Hmei7' hacked any site, previously he has hacked some more well known sites like IBM, TPD media etc. Some sources says "Hmei7 doesn't qualify as a professional hacker, because he doesn't seek to do permanent damage to a site, but rather cause a nuisance." while other sources says 'He hacks website not to harm but only to warn about their vulnerabilities  '.

'Hmei7' is a user of Zone-H, where he posts mirror of websites defaced by him. According to zone-h, he has notified about  41,865 defacements. check all defacemnets mirror by him here.

Hmei7 got into microsoft through the SQL injection, which is pronounced "sequel 
injection". As now microsoft has changed its login page of Fuse labs, so probably now they have removed this loop hole.
here is the screenshot of their previous page: 

Hacked page link: fuse.microsoft.com

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